I am so excited to share something new with you all. Over on my instagram (@angelarosegonzalez) I shared that 2017 is going to be a big year in so many different ways and what better way to include all of you in that than here through this blog. This is something I have been actually wanting to start for a while now, but just haven't had the motivation or time to do so. And to be completely honest I am a bit of a perfectionist, so the fear of it not being 'good enough' for anyone to follow along to held me back. By the way, if this is you (with anything you are wanting to start), JUST START! It doesn't have to be perfect. So, here's to me starting something that completely scares me!

To start I'd love to give you a little bit of an introduction so you can see my face and get to know me a little better. 

Hopefully you have figured out by now that my name is Angela, ha! This photograph was taken just a few days ago and okay I completely understand how you all feel now on the other side of the camera. I haven't had photos like this taken of me in quite some time (we are talking years) and I was feeling all sorts of awkward in front of that lens. I feel you! This is actually the only shot of me looking at the camera because I was too chicken to for the rest. 

I wish we were face to face right now so you could just ask me what you want to know, but since that's not the case I'll just start off by saying I am twenty-eight years old (and always quite quick to reveal my age, unlike most haha, because I look a lot younger than I really am), a Minnesota native currently living in Minneapolis with my husband who is from Ecuador, my one and a half year old daughter Natalie, and our mini lop rabbit named Josh.
I'm an open book, wear my heart on my sleeve, and have a major sweet tooth. My musical taste changes depending on my mood. A few current favorites: Mree, Melody Gardot, Pablo Alboran, Kevin Garrett, Feist, The Lumineers, Sam Smith, Lissie. 
My love languages are quality time and words of encouragement, so if you're wanting to make a good first impression just give me a million compliments and you'll have my whole heart forever. 

My hopes for this blog are that you would feel welcome and comfortable, inspired and encouraged. Expect blog posts about: photographymotherhoodThursday date nights (actual fun spontaneous dates my husband and I go on which happen to land on Thursdays), honesty and encouragementhumor, seasonal music inspiration/what I am currently listening toexclusive updates & secret offerings throughout the year

I am SO dang excited to start this and invite you all in to join along with me as this year unfolds. Please please leave feedback. I'd love to hear from you and get to know those of you following along. Leave your name and a current favorite song in the comment space. 

Love you guys! 

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