Last year sometime my mother (hi mom!) gave me the idea to take an empty jar and start filling it with daily, weekly, whenever you think of it little notes of what you are thankful for in that moment. So I rummaged through my buffet, took out an empty mason jar, and placed it on my table excited to get started. And throughout the rest of the year up until now I have been filling it with so much GOOD, both little and big things. The idea was to fill it throughout the whole year and read them around New Years, but with Thanksgiving approaching I thought, what better way to celebrate what you are thankful for together with your family than to read through everything you wrote down throughout the year while you're all sitting down together around the dinner table. I peaked a little so I could leave you all with a little taste of what I wrote down this past year, but I can not wait to get this tradition going tomorrow and someday have Natalie filling up that jar as well. It's such a wonderful way to remember all the GOOD because when life is tough (and it definitely get's dang hard sometimes), it's so easy to forget all of those wonderful pleasures and laughs and smiles we shared. 

Don't let your year go by without writing all those good memories down! I want to challenge you, if this is something that interests you, start tomorrow by finding your jar and filling it, you and your family, with one thing each you have been thankful for so far in this past year. Then continue filling that baby up all year long and read them all together next year around that dinner table. 

Here are a few of mine:
-My husband bringing me home cupcakes (a rare occasion). 
-The como zoo conservatory in the winter months. It's such a sweet retreat. Makes me feel like I'm on vacation and has been so good for my soul.
-Spring! A new season full of hope, peace, and warmer weather! 
-That love 70 degree day in March. Natalie and I met up with our friends Allie and Solie for a stroll to the park and a soak in the sun outside of Dunn Brothers Coffee.
-A WARM fall!
-My first mama's night out with Grove mamas. We ate italian food, had massages, did our nails, soaked our feet, breathed in lavender, talked about bra sizes (ha!), and shared many laughs.
-Our first new family car together.
-Natalie waving her hands around feeling the wind through her fingers in the car when the windows were down.
-My dear new rare gem of a friend Sophia. A true answer to prayer!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone. I am so thankful for all of you! And I'd love to hear from you as well. Would you leave me with one thing you are thankful for this year in the comments? Love you!

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