Photograph by: Jessica Stoe Photography

Photograph by: Jessica Stoe Photography

It's THURSDAY! What does that mean?

Date night!

When you're a parent and spend your whole week pouring into your child/ren it feels pretty dang good getting out just the two of you. You almost forget how much you really need that solo time away. So every/every other thursday now I am going to share with you all actually dates that my husband and I have been on that will hopefully spark a little something in your relationship as well. We are passionate about stepping outside of the box and getting creative, acting like kids, and keeping it interesting/spontaneous! Honestly, we rarely know what we're going to do the day of. We almost always end up sitting in the car in my parents driveway after drop-off wondering what the heck we're gonna do as my parents laugh at us from inside. We're getting better at that. ;P

Okay, so for a while we would go out for your typical dinner and movie quite religiously, but we found out fast that that didn't work well for us at all. Jaime (pronounced Hi-May in Spanish) is not a big conversationalist like myself, which meant that I ended up doing most of the talking and in turn feeling a lack of connection because I wouldn't get the response back that I was looking for. By the way, if this works well in your relationship and a quiet dinner and conversation is exactly what you need as a couple, that is GREAT! Go for it. For us, instead of focusing on wishing he was different in that area, I set out to find new ways for us to connect on date nights. And let me tell you, every single one of these dates I am going to share with you each week has done that! AND has on top of that sparked natural conversation that satisfied that my need for conversation with my husband.

Are you ready!?

DATE #1:

Okay, so we were surfing the internet for something different and somehow came across this place and thought, "Why not!?" So off we went.

We arrived, parked our car, and felt especially giddy walking in. I mean, trampolines are what dreams are made of right? Haha! It brought back so many childhood memories for me. And actually, for Jaime, it was his very first time EVER on a trampoline which made it that much more exciting. We got lucky and they were having a deal that night for BOGO (Oh HECK yes!).

We decided to only jump for 30 minutes because, I mean, we're old now. We barely even lasted that long anyways. HA! They gave us special socks and everything else we put in a locker, then we were ready. Looking around we were the ONLY people our age. It was awesome. 

I will NEVER ever forget the first second that my husband stepped onto that trampoline. It was probably the hardest I have laughed in a long time. I don't know if he was feeling the high of spontaneity kicking in or what, but instead of getting used to the feel of a trampoline first, he decided to try jumping onto his booty or do a flip (I can't remember) and DIDN'T make it. HAAA! The look on his face and the childish giggle that came from it. It was amazing you guys. Starting the night off with a BANG! 

We watched as all the younger kids were showing us up and even tried doing the flips they were doing, but chickened out every time. We bounced, tried to lay down for a rest break but got yelled at by the referee (whoops-but we're old dude!), and ended the fun by having a competition for who could last the longest jumping across all of the trampoline squares. It was a work out, but SO worth it and SO much fun.

We ended the night eating at Famous Daves down the road (where we met) and reminiscing about those early days. 

What's the most fun date you've ever been on? 

Until next time,

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