I can't believe how fast this past week has gone by. It's once again Monday, and if you live in Minnesota like me it looks like we are in for quite a long week as we hit the single digit temps for the very first time this season. When I see those numbers on my weather app my brain automatically goes into hibernation mode. Brrr! So it only seemed fitting, as I am dreaming of warmer temps and summer days this week, to highlight my cousin who lives in sunny Florida! Do you have any extra rooms? Because we might just need to snowbird on ova there. 

Meet Ali! This woman! I am so excited to be highlighting her this week. I have so much to say about her, but I want to start off my saying how incredible she has been to me. I think we can all agree that with family there comes certain expectations and almost this unwritten rule that family should give their services free of charge. And as much as my heart is ALL for giving, with a family of my own now time is incredibly limited and valuable, and how I choose to use that time away from them is very important.

Ali has been the one relative that I can honestly say has truly valued my craft and has never once made me feel as if I needed to be charging her less or even nothing at all. Ali, I hope you are reading this because I've actually never told you this before and I just really want to say, THANK YOU! Thank you for valuing me and seeing the beauty in what I do. You have loved me so well. 

Ali is SO much more than 'mother'. She's a working mama who has sacrificed staying at home with her baby for her career, which is such a selfless decision.

She is hardworking, strong, and independent.

All of those beautiful traits she will pass on to her son someday and will give him such an incredible gift with the decisions she has already made as his mother. Which, if you know anything about Ali, she has already had to make some difficult decisions in the past with the very best in mind for those she loves.


All of that he will get from you as well as what dedication is, what a work ethic looks like, and that WOMEN (yes, women) can be successful and influential as well. 

He is going to be SO proud of you. You are beautiful, I hope you know that. 

If you know Ali, I would love if you left some words of affirmation for her in the comment section. Let's shower her in love today. 

How can you lift up those around you? I challenge you to encourage someone in your life this week, whether that's someone close to you or a stranger. Words are a powerful tool we have available to us that we can use to bless others every day. 

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