Part of my vision for this blog, which was created with all of you mothers in mind, is to foster a sense of community with all of you. Every week spend time together lifting each other up, talking about how we keep our marriage/relationship alive and exciting in the midst of parenting and daily routines, and everything in between. I'd love to share everything from personalized music playlists to advice on how you yourself can photograph your loved ones better. Basically, just showing up for all of you throughout the week to show you that I care and that you are not alone in this journey that is motherhood. 

So, every Monday now I am going to be doing something called, 'Love on the mamas". I will be
highlighting a mother who I have photographed. I am so excited about this because first, all of the women I have photographed are pretty incredible and second, I am just so excited to be able to lift up each and every one of these ladies. So much sacrifice of yourself comes with motherhood, especially in the beginning as you learn to navigate through it all, find yourself again within this new role, and create new daily rhythms. I know that, at least for me, feeling seen and acknowledged by others outside of 'mother' is SO important! So, to get things started I think it's only fitting to kick this week of 'Love on the mamas' off with my dear friend Heidi, one of the very first mothers I ever had the opportunity to photograph. 

Heidi and I met at a Fourth of July picnic back in 2010. It was mainly native Spanish speakers at this picnic and I showed up with my camera of course ready to hang out with all the little ones. I remember going up to Heidi's girls (she only had 2 kids at the time - now she has 4) and starting off my conversation with them in Spanish. Her oldest Eva replied with, "Umm, we speak English you know." HA! They then introduced me to their mother Heidi and the rest is history. 

Heidi is one of the wisest friends I have. She gained the title of 'mother' way before I ever did and has had quite the journey up until now, which without saying much has gained all of my respect because of how she held on to hope in those difficult years AND the truth that our Father in heaven is all we need to feel peace and happiness in our lives. I value every little piece of advice she gives me and am thankful that she embarked on this journey before me to have such an incredible person to look up to. 

The one thing I love about her is her selflessness. She has given up so much for those babies of hers and is the most genuine, down to earth, creative, hilarious person I know. Honestly I haven't even scratched the surface with this woman. There's a depth to her that I am still uncovering each year as we are able to relate more as more now sharing that beautiful title of 'mother'.

If you know Heidi, I would love if you left some words of affirmation for her in the comment section. Let's love the heck out of her. She deserves it! 

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