Good thing Monday is not over yet because since these past couple days have been all about family, food, laughter, and spending good quality time together unplugged (the BEST decision ever!), I have completely lost track of which day it is and almost forgot to post. Today feels more like an extended weekend than it does a Monday, which is a good thing right? 

 Today I am featuring this beautiful woman right here. Meet Lizzy!

A week or so into motherhood, when it was all raw, new, and very messy I decided to join a New Mamas Group (I highly recommend) at a local parent center in the cities. This is where I met Lizzy. It was the best thing I could have done for myself during that crazy season. All of the mamas there were new moms as well and each of our babies were within just weeks of each other. It got us all out of the house a couple times during the week and built this beautiful support system that felt a little like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Remember the candle scene?

"To honor the 'babies'. The sisterhood. And to this moment. And this summer. And the rest of our lives. Together and apart."

I miss it. Those few months together were special, but went by real fast. I think we were all a little sad that our weekly time spent together had come to an end already. I don't really see Lizzy and Matthew much anymore, but I wanted to feature her today because of how amazing of a woman she is and she deserves to hear it! Lizzy was the main one in our group to take charge and coordinate most of our get togethers outside of our weekly meet-up at the parent center. And still today she is the one who sends out e-mails checking in on all of us, asking how we are doing, and planning reunions. You don't have to know this woman to be able to see the incredible heart she has! She cares deeply for everyone she comes into contact with. It's so beautiful and inspiring to see someone who keeps friendships alive no matter the distance or change of seasons. Lizzy, you are one special woman. Matthew is lucky to have YOU as his mama. 

You are: a leader, thoughtful, intentional, loyal, deep, caring, nurturing, radiant, genuine, sweet, and a gem.

Such beautiful character traits we can all learn from. Do you know Lizzy? Feel free to leave her some words of affirmation in the comments. 

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