Finally back at it with an adventurous winter date for you that my husband and I went on a couple of weeks ago!! Last week the flu hit my family hard and all at once which is why you haven't seen a post in a while. We've never all been sick at the same time; I wouldn't recommend it. ;P Thankfully we are all pretty much better now and able to get back into our daily routine again. Hallelujah!

Although today is an off week for us and we will not be going on any date, I still wanted to share our most recent one to Sand Creek Adventures in Jordan, MN with you. It was an impulsive buy as I was doing some online last minute christmas shopping, ha! I had no idea a place like this even existed in Minnesota, so to say I was excited to find it is an understatement. I wanted to keep it a surprise, but let's be honest, I am terrible at surprises. Terrible! I believe I told my husband, "I just bought our next date! It's going to be a surprise! Okay, fine, do you want to know?" Ha!! 

I was actually looking for gifts ideas for my parents and somehow came across this place and a special christmas zip-line adventure they had just launched this year for a limited time (they normally close down right before winter). I honestly had no idea where Jordan was, but I am always down for any drive that takes us far away from our main stomping grounds. It was a nice 45 minute drive from our home and once we got there we filled out our consent forms and walked into the magic. I don't know what it is about christmas lights that just make everything so much more magical, but there were christmas lights that lined the path into the woods, lights on the little tree house, a fire that added such a pretty natural warming soundtrack to the whole ordeal, and a stunning view of the beautiful property. It was romantic. So romantic.

We made our way up the little tree house once we had all of our gear and on by one by jumped off the edge zip-lining our way down (three different zip-lines). I had actually never been zip-lining before so it was quite crazy. Took me a while to jump off, but once I was going it was easy peasy and so much fun. Also, there was even a slide you guys. The third zip-line we went on started with a slide and then took us to the bottom where we crossed this straight out of a dream foot bridge covered in christmas lights of course and then 'hay-rided' it back up to the starting point (and to the FIRE!!! Hallelujah!). 

The best part of this whole date was that it was so unexpected and spontaneous and way out of the norm for us that it gave us something new to be excited about and enjoy, which can be harder to do as time goes on in a relationship. My hope for these posts are you give you all some creative ideas outside of the typical and easy to plan dinner date. There is so much fun awaiting! So, here's to better, more adventurous dates full of discovery! What can you and your parter/significant other do together than would keep your relationship exciting and interesting? 

Oh and it was definitely cold, but I didn't even care. I was too mesmerized and happy to care. ;P



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