When Is The Right Time To Schedule A Photo Session?

Over the past couple of years there's been one consistent question from clients that I am always asked,

"When is the right time to schedule a photo session?"

And what ends up happening most of the time is parents thinking they have to wait for their child to reach a certain milestone and a host of other reasons before booking a session. What has been holding you back? And when IS the perfect time to book? 

Before I answer that for you I wanted to ask you couple of things. So what exactly IS the problem with waiting for your life to be perfect? For you to have it all together? Here’s what! Your children are going to NEED to see your imperfections. They are going to need to see that life is messy, that we go through many different seasons, and that change is really the only constant. Each image tells a story of what life looked like at that moment in time. That photograph that you hold in your hands and reminisce about with your family years later holds the power of connection. It gives you a special opportunity to share your unique journey with your children. Both the joys AND the struggles.

So when is the perfect time to schedule a photo session? 

Today! No seriously though. If you are waiting for the perfect age/milestone, the perfect season/weather, for you to lose the weight you want to lose, for your house to look like you want it to, then you are going to be missing out on documenting some VERY special memories. Don't wait. Now is the best time. Imperfections and all. 

When this photo was taken, I was only a few weeks in, sleep deprived, emotional, still carrying all that extra baby weight, and not feeling up for photos. I mean, look at my eyes here. Those are some sleepy, exhausted eyes. Ha! I was in quite the vulnerable place, still trying to figure out who I was now that 'mother' was added to my name. But, man is there a story behind every single one of these images that my friend so beautifully captured for me. Had I put off the session or completely cancelled it all together, I would have missed out on preserving those memories. Sometimes painful to remember, but grateful for how it has shaped me into who I am today. THANK YOU Jess again for these images. There is so much value in every single photograph. 

So mamas, stop waiting for whatever that 'right' moment is for you because your story is worth telling! Every part of it!  

Angela GonzalezComment