LOVE ON THE MAMAS // 005- Danica

I am so excited to share with you all today my friend Danica. I really owe it to another friend of mine actually, Keely, for introducing us years back now (time flies). Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your friend with me Keely! I love this woman. And I always brag about her to others because of how selfless and good-hearted she is. Danica was the first person that opened up to me and let me into the deep corners of her business. She was open to sharing what she knew and suggesting books, podcasts, countless ideas, opinions, advice, and most importantly a listening ear. If you learn anything from this post today, let it be this:

"Get people into your life who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty with you."

Partner up with other creatives like you who don't see one another as competition, but instead see each other as an asset to help each other grow and thrive! It is always, ALWAYS worth so much more lifting others up than trying to compete with them. How many people do you have right now in your life that have similar passions as you? If your answer is 0 or even just 1, take this as a little push to get out there to meet other like-minded people. You need it!

Danica's openness helped me dig deeper within my business and ultimately led me to so many more tools and people who have gotten me to where I am today. Honestly, her transparency makes me root for her and her business more than anyone else.  

Danica, you are: wise, generous, kind, selfless, tender hearted (your son get's that from you), brave, bold, creative, and truly unique. 

The strength you show as a woman is going to have such a positive impact on your boys. They are SO incredibly lucky to call you mother. You have already taught them so much. Thank you for everything you have given and taught me thus far. I am so grateful for your friendship; more than you know! 

Do you know Danica? What do you love about her?

Also, don't ever feel like you need to be hesitant with others about sharing what you know. We need each other in this crazy world. Lifting others up will NEVER get in the way of your own success. Remember that.


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