LOVE ON THE MAMAS // 004 - Annie

For those of you who may not have been following along this little project of mine for very long, every Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday ;P) I highlight a mother whom I have photographed. So much sacrifice of yourself comes with motherhood, especially in the beginning as you learn to navigate through it all, find yourself again within this new role, and create new daily rhythms. I have found that feeling seen and acknowledged by others is SO important in motherhood, which is why I created 'Love on the Mamas'.

So, this morning I am lifting up Annie! Annie wherever you are at right now, I want you to know that I admire you so much.

I remember gathering for a women's bible study at my church and seeing her for the first time after her daughter had entered into this world at a mere 23 weeks. I was SO blown away by how she handled herself. I was thinking that if that had been me, I would have hidden. I know that I wouldn't have been able to handle it as gracefully as she did or be able to answer everyone's questions amidst an already overwhelmed brain wondering if my sweet, precious baby I had been dreaming of forever would even make it. But this was not Annie at all. And this is what just blew my mind was watching the way she so gracefully handled it all. It's not something you see all that often. When she walked into that room full of women that morning she walked in confident and so sweetly thanked everyone for all of their support and what it meant to her and her husband and then told us about how she believed 'life' was the plan God had for their daughter and how they weren't worried about it at all. They believed God would move and oh man did he move! Annie taught me, through her response, what it looks like to really lean into God no matter the outcome. And even though I have plenty of growing to do in that area, it was so refreshing for me to see that kind of trust and love she has for our Father. How beautiful is the heart of this woman? She has a pure heart of gold and sets such a great example for everyone around her. 

Annie, you are: beautiful, wise, full of trust, courageous, confident, positive, warm-hearted, thriving, special, disciplined, empowered!

If you know Annie personally, feel free to leave her a few words of encouragement in the comments. Also, can't you just FEEL the deep love and appreciation for her daughter through these images? 

Angela GonzalezComment