LOVE ON THE MAMAS // 006 - Rachael

This time last week I was sitting in my friend Rachael's living room, holding her baby while she cut my hair and her husband was in the garage personally roasting me coffee beans from the roaster him and his father created together. It doesn't get much better than that. If that doesn't show how incredible this family is then I don't know what does. By the way Rachael, make sure to tell Brandon the coffee was SO good! And I'm not just being nice. ;P

Rachael and I actually met years ago at a youth group and went on a trip together. I remember her and I busking for money outside the elevator of the hotel, ha! I wish I could remember why. Life looks quite different now doesn't it? I love how even though we might not have stayed in touch throughout the years, we were given the opportunity to reconnect again more than a decade later! 

Today I wanted to lift up Rachael because I was reading a blog post on the life of a working mother and immediately thought of her since she has recently started working at the salon again. The amount of strength it takes for a new mama to go back to work after having a baby should not be overlooked.  It always amazes me how, no matter the emotional struggle involved, mamas make it through. We don't grow from the easy stuff, we grow from the challenges and challenges such as these show us what we're made of.

As I myself was leaving my home today to go work, I thought about the amazing gift I am giving to my daughter and that Rachael is giving to her son. Someday when our babies are able to understand where we are going and what we are doing, they will see their mother working hard for what she's passionate about. They will see that women as just as capable as men and they will learn what a strong work ethic looks like. There are so many important life lessons and messages we are sending to our children when we make the decision to continue working post baby. So hold on that the next time you have to leave for work. Remember the valuable gift you are giving to your child and how strong and incredible you are for making that sacrifice. 

Rachael, you are: strong, gentle, calm, creative, sweet, thoughtful, beautiful, and a joy to know.

Do you know Rachael? What do you love most about her?

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