looking back on two thousand and seventeen

Since I had my second baby not long after the new year I took a well needed break away from work and it was heaven on earth. As much as I ADORE what I do, I can't tell you how healthy and needed it was for me (and is for everyone) to just step away for a little bit to refocus on what matters the most, family. Work can wait. Making and raising babies is a season that comes and goes far too quickly, and it's something I cherish enough to give it my full attention on a regular basis. Now that I'm back, I was FINALLY able to set some goals moving forward into 2018 and reminisce on a WONDERFUL 2017.

2017 I really dove right into starting and growing this business of mine, for real. No longer just a hobby, but a real, thriving, business. I joined a mastermind group where I met some amazing women entrepreneurs, worked with a business coach, and really just put myself out there in uncomfortable ways to see what worked and what didn't. And quite honestly I was completely shocked at how well this year went for me. I never thought I'd get to where I did this year. So, THANK YOU to everyone who played a role in a beautiful year of learning, growth, success. Thank you to all my dream clients who fully trusted me and the ideas I had. YOU made last year an incredible one. I loved meeting every single one of you. 

Here are a few of those sessions. I couldn't quite possibly fit everyone in here (sorry to those not shown), but put in as many as I could to give you a little glimpse into each session, as only one or two images were ever shown from a session. Here you go! <3

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