LOVE ON THE MAMAS // 007 - Brittany

Getting back into the swing of things after a long couple of weeks of not having any days away to work distraction free. Working from home while raising a child is no joke. My mind is pulled in a million different directions most days and by the end of the day I don't want to even have to think about anything at all. Of course I wouldn't trade any of it for the world, but having one or two days away to solely focus on this business of mine honestly makes me a better mother and person. My mood is always 10x better after and I come home feeling inspired and accomplished. How do all you mamas do it? 

Today, I'd love to lift up Brittany! First of all, how adorable are these two? 

How I met Brittany is a true testament to how powerful social media can be. Not long after I became a mother I joined a couple mom's groups and later wrote a little about the benefits and shared how much of a blessing it was to me during that ever so fragile beginning, through Facebook. Brittany happened to see my post and asked where she could find a mom's group herself.  So naturally, because of who I am, I invited her to a lady's cookie exchange I was hosting for the holidays at my place. Because why not right? We all need mama friends and I had the space and the mamas.

From the moment I met Brittany in person, I really loved how she carried herself: calm and collected, gentle, overflowing with peace. I sometimes envy other women with personalities as such because of how mine is so expressive, bold, and how I could talk anyone's ear off, ha! I need people like her in my life to balance me out.

Brittany is one of the most nurturing mothers I know. The way she looks at Ophelia (as you can clearly see in both of those photographs) is enough to show how she feels towards her daughter. The bond that these two so clearly have is only going to grow into something so special with time. A mother's nurture is fuel for the soul! 

"Good mothers pour care into the souls of their children much like sunlight and water pour nutrients into a plant. Our souls flourish when we are being nurtured and cared for. We grow, develop, and change according to the way we were designed." - Anonymous

Brittany, you are: loving, nurturing, gentle spirited, genuine, creative, inspiring, caring, thoughtful, attentive, insightful, a keen observer, and trusting. 

YOU are a beautiful mother and I am happy to have met you. 

Angela GonzalezComment