Danica's Motherhood Journey

I was lucky to have a fairly easy pregnancy, so it's humbling for me to hear stories of mothers who haven't had it quite as easy. There are plenty of women out there who have endured far much more than I have and it always amazes me how much our bodies actually go through in creating another human. We women really are warriors in every way! Danica is sharing a little of her story today of her journey thus far and an honest, vulnerable look at her reality.  

"This second pregnancy has knocked me off my feet. With my first pregnancy I had morning sickness all 42.5 weeks and was throwing up the whole time. It was absolutely miserable. This pregnancy came right after a miscarriage, so that had a lot of emotional challenges of its own and I was even more sick this time than last. But thankfully the sickness mostly went away at about 24 weeks after finding a new medication. The utter exhaustion was different this time. Having a toddler while being pregnant wiped me out and I was not able to recover or gain energy like I could before I had Oliver.

It has also brought more fear, remembering the trauma of my last pregnancy. It has pushed me to put a lot more effort into being healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally and have more trust that my body knows what to do and is taking such a toll on me because it is growing a healthy baby. Sometimes it's the small things that help the most. To keep sane I try to have a healthy breakfast with protein and good fats instead of carbs and sugar, I try to work out a little bit each day to give me energy, I try to get a full nights rest of 9+ hours sleep, and I see a therapist to talk through emotions and help my mental well-being. I also try to find a little quiet time every day. 

For me this pregnancy has been a big lesson in letting go - letting go of expectations, letting go of perfection, letting go of doing, letting go of what I wish this experience were for me. It has also been a time of slowing down and focusing on self-care for survival. A time of trying not to live too much in the past or in the future but trying to take in every present moment because I know that this baby's arrival will be the start of so much change.

I don't know what our future will look like exactly but I am certain that it will be different, so I try to live fully in the present and learn from what this pregnancy is teaching me and how it is growing me as a person."

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