A peaceful playlist for your child

When I was pregnant with my first I started compiling a list of peaceful children’s music to listen to throughout the days together. Songs that didn’t drive me crazy were surprisingly hard to find (why is that?), but over the years I have gathered countless of sweet songs and even refined it a few times which now has become this very special playlist I listen to with my children every single day.

I keep telling many of you about it and then forget to share, so here you go!! A peaceful playlist to listen to with your children. 72 wonderful tunes that will last all afternoon with a mix of both English and Spanish as my children are half Ecuadorian and learning Spanish as well.

I hope you will enjoy these songs as much as we do and that it brings a little bit of calm into this season of busy, lively, and quite often wild days with young children.

FOR EASIER LISTENING, CLICK HERE for a direct link to my Spotify Playlist.

Let me know if you’re going to listen!!!
xoxo Angela Gonzalez