A glance into a full gallery with my postpartum nurse

There’s something so exciting about getting inquiries. You never know who will send you a message and want to connect and who’s lives you’ll get to get invited into for a day. I honestly dream of someday traveling the world and meeting all kinds of mothers and families from many different cultures. To be able to hear their stories, journeys, and document their unique lives and connections with each other. What a gift.

This special client of mine was one of my postpartum nurses with my second born and to be able to serve her myself felt pretty amazing. This session started in their beautiful home for a cozy relaxed feel and after we went to a nearby garden with the most stunning blooming trees. So thankful they were still in bloom as it was the very end of spring.

It’s not often that a share more than a few photos with you, so here’s a glance into a full session (well, cut down a little). Surely a beautiful one I really enjoyed being apart of.