As a mother we want to remember all of it. We want to remember their wild hair and how it blows in the summer wind. We want to remember their little voices and mispronounced words and how their smiles simply travel on for miles, reaching our hearts, and again how that makes us feel. We want to remember how they feel in our arms, their helpful hands and their giggles and their cries. As a mother we want to remember all the big and the small details because we know how fleeting this time really is.
Quiet moments like this with my newest are everything when you have three other children to look after. Somedays I wish I could just lay here and snuggle her all day long.
Some days as a mother I feel alone, anxious, and overwhelmed. I give and give and end up feeling so tired. Motherhood is tough, but it’s one of the biggest joys and love I have ever felt.
Days pass and we are settling into a new routine. The memory of days with just the two of us is fading fast. But something else is replacing those wonderful times we shared, just us two. There are new times, only now we are three. I watch the love between you grow, the way you look at each other, touch each other. I watch how she adores you as I have for so long. I see how excited you are by each of her new accomplishments. And I begin to realize that I haven’t taken something from you, I’ve given something to you.
I have to tell you that my mom cried when looking through the photographs because they brought back emotions to her of when she had little kids. Such a beautiful gift you have to be able to capture these moments and emotions.
I’ll only be able to hold you like this for so long before it’ll feel a whole lot different. You’re newborn scent will have faded and your skin won’t feel as smooth. Your voice will sound much older and over time you’ll need me less and less. Thinking about all this saddens me a little. How quickly time escapes us. How fast you truly do grow and mature. But one thing I will always have and am so thankful for are these photographs and their ability to remind me of the beginning with you.
Oh that wonderful feeling of finally meeting that tiny baby of yours. Their scent. Their softness. Their movements. Their breath. Those tiny toes. That skin. All of it.
Out of my three girls, she is the one that teaches me most about true patience and true love and true forgiveness and what it truly means to dig deep to find grace because there are days where I feel like that’s all I do, is dig.
I don’t know if I’d ever felt prayer like I felt that the night before Evie came, 17 weeks early. That was a really incredible feeling. I thought, THIS is what the Lord is meaning when he says, “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds.”
Our days are crazy, intense and fleeting. I’m always finding myself secretly wishing for the next stage, however I know I’ll soon miss the days she kisses me on the lips, tells me I’m her ‘best friend’, and begs for one more snuggle before bed. I’ll never get this time back. It’s not always easy to get in front of the camera as mothers, but always always worth it!
These are some of the most authentic photos you could hope for as a mother.
These are incredible! I am literally in tears looking at these photos right now. Thank you so much for capturing these for us. These photos are seriously treasures and I am so thankful for them.
I adore you with all my heart little one. I’ll hold you every moment I can and hope to always inspire, guide, and fight for you.
I didn’t initially have any desire to nurse. The first time I nursed him after his water birth was a blur to me. My legs were shivering and I was still pretty out of it after such a quick and intense labor. Surprisingly nursing came pretty easily and without much pain from night one. Quickly I grew to love it and felt such a sweet bond and connection with my son.
For those who take it, motherhood places such an amazing opportunity in front of us to become the best versions of ourselves and give all of ourselves fully and selflessly to another human.
For me this pregnancy has been a big lesson in letting go - letting go of expectations, letting go of perfection, letting go of doing, letting go of what I wish this experience were for me. It has also been a time of slowing down and focusing on self-care for survival.
Some of the most genuine moments and connections are found in the quiet. They are found when there is no lingering time frame or checklist of perfectly curated images. They are found when you fully allow yourself to focus on the time you are sharing with your love one. When you take in the sounds and site around you and find yourself so deep in the present that you forget there was even a camera there.
A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.
Wow! I have never had such an emotional response to photos. I see how much my boys love me and I’ve never seen it like this before. You always know your kids love you, but to actually SEE it in photos makes me feel it more than I ever have. How absolutely magical! You are so talented to be able to capture this emotion, just beautiful. THANK YOU!